Wristat® conductive wrist band prevents build up of excessive static charges generated by Ungrounded peronnel to ensure maximum protection to sensitive components
Wrist Band
Regardless of wrist-size, "one size filts all" Wristat ® is fully adjust-able and is available in the following styles :




* Elastic band
* Velcro band


The permanent conductive properties of all the 3 styles of wrist band Ensure reliable, rapid and continuous drain of static charges. To Ensure the safety of the user, the design of the Wristat® is such that There are no exposed conductors. Another common feature is the Special "flexi-hinge" which allows a close , comfortable fit whereby the Strap wraps snugly around the contours of the user's wrist. All the 3 styles of wrist band are cleanroom compatible.



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