Static Safe Work Area protects your sensitive products by providing pathways to safely drain damaging static charge to ground. Parts placed on static control rubber table mat decay their static charge to ground at a safe rate. Body's static charge is safely drained to ground by wearing static control footwear while walking on static control rubber floor mat. The mats surface resistivity allows static discharges to be quickly dissipated. The mats are ideal for most electronics and semiconductors applications as well as any static controlled area.

STATIC CONTROL RUBBER MAT is for the table / floor matting with two co-extruded layer construction; top layer is durable static dissipative rubber and bottom layer is durable non-skid conductive rubber. Two layers are strongly bonded to be one body. The mat is resistant to most chemicals, such as solvents, and it is heat-resistant to soldering iron temperature, solder fluxes. It also resists solder flux splatters. This non-curling mat is the most economic solution for a static safe work area.
Material: Rubber
Thickness(mm): 2 +/- 0.1, 3 +/- 0.1
Color: Green/Black, Blur/Black, Grey/Black
Hardness(KSM6518-19): Top Layer-65 ;
Bottom Layer-66
Tensile Strength(kg/cm2): Top Layer-114;
Bottom Layer-112
Elongation(%): Top Layer-370 ;
Bottom Layer-380
Surface Resistivity (ASTM-D257): Top Layer-10 7-8 ohms/square;
Bottom Layer-10 4-5 ohms/square
Static Decay 5 kv-ov: less than 0.1 second
Resistance to Ground: Less than 10 8 ohm/square
Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to Solvent, Acidic, Alkali, Oil and Aromatics Not Resistant to Ketone, D.O.P.
Green / Black (Dull Color Surface)
Green / Black (Gloss Finish Surface)
2 mm
3 mm
0.6 m
0.9 m
1.0 m
2.0 m
10 m
20 m

Blue / Black (Dull Color Surface)
Blue / Black (Gloss Finish Surface)

Grey / Black (Dull Color Surface)
Grey / Black (Gloss Finish Surface)




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